Visual Analytics – Essentials of Tableau
Facilitate effective visualization-driven decision-making through analytics-driven interactive business dashboards .

6 Weeks programme

Contact hours: 28 hours
  • Conceptual Learning
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Projects/ Assignments
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Programme Objectives
Business Intelligence is no more limited to just reports with facts & figures. Rather, visual representation of reports, through visually-intensive dashboards, is now imperative for efficient management decision-making. The “Visual Analytics: Essentials of Tableau” programme makes participants proficient in analyzing and, more importantly, representing data and its analysis in an easy-to-interpret fashion. The programme also helps in taking decisions from graphs & dashboards. The programme covers various concepts of data visualization, like graphs, conditional formatting, scripting, linking charts, slicing & dicing of data, dashboard integration, etc. Most important, participants learn to conduct & represent various statistical analyses embedded in today’s modern Visual Analytics packages.
Who should go for the Programme?
The “Visual Analytics: Essentials of Tableau” programme has been designed & developed to cater to the requirements of professionals across industries (retail, banking, technology, telecommunications, media, airlines, automotive, manufacturing, etc) as well as across business functions (marketing, finance, operations, supply chains, human resources, etc). The programme offers substantial value to all professionals who wish to learn the art of using data visualization to drive & support decision-making at various executive levels in their businesses. The programme will be of particular significance to all professionals who provide decision support services to senior management in their organizations. Analytics professionals aspiring to add Visual Analytics to their skillset would also benefit from the programme.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain knowledge & expertize on various KPIs & terminologies essential for driving business intelligently
  • Generate important insights into the behaviour of business KPIs and influencers/ predictors
  • Acquire proficiency in creation of reports & charts through Tableau to glean valuable insights
  • Develop expertise in implementing ‘story-telling’ dashboards through Tableau – that make sense to the decision-makers
  • Appreciate the various features available in Visual Analytics tools (Tableau, QlikView, QlikSense, SAP-Lumira, etc)

Learning Mode

Curriculum Overview

Overview of Visual Analytics

Introduction to Visual Analytics Different tools for Visual Analytics Tableau Desktop, and the Tableau product line Benefits of Tableau as a Visual Analytics tool Getting introduced to the Tableau Desktop interface

Getting started with the Data

Creating a live data connection Saving/ Sharing a data source Understanding changes to the data Working with data extracts Database joins Custom SQL data connection Tableau Data Interpreter

Getting started with Data Visualization

Data types and roles Formatting your data view Creating Tables, Charts & Graphs Pie charts Bar charts Scatter plots Line plots Sorting data Working with Filters

Working with Dates

Different date parts on different shelves Discrete & Continuous date parts Defining a fiscal year Creating date filters

Projects/ Assignments

Evaluation/ Examination

Organizing the data

Creating combined fields Creating sets Hierarchies Bins

Dealing with calculated fields

Calculation types Creating calculated fields Using logic statements Type conversions and date calculations Using Quick Table calculations Calculations & Aggregations

Charts & Graphs – Delving deeper

Maps Bullet graphs Histograms Heat maps Bubble charts Pareto charts Using multiple axes

Dashboards & Story-telling

Creating Dashboards Publishing Dashboards Drill-downs with Dashboards Story-telling with Dashboards

Best Practices in Visual Analytics

Comparison of Tableau with other tools

Are there any Learning Pre-requisites?

There are no specific learning pre-requisites for the programme. Effectiveness of learning through the programme would be enhanced if participants possess good logical & analytical reasoning skills.


Visual Analytics – Essentials of Tableau

MEET Our Consultants & Faculty

Dr. Goutam Das

Ph.D. (Economics) IIFT Delhi, M. Tech (Computer Engg) IIT Kharagpur
B.E. (Electronics & Comm) V-NIT Nagpur
30+ Years of experience in IT and Analytics [Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics, AI Machine Learning.
Ex-Cheif Data Scientist at Power Foundation of India...

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Dr. Nidhan "Neal" Choudhuri

Ph.D. (Statistics), Michigan State University.
B. Stats. & M. Stats., Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.
Ex-Chief Scientist & Founder, PlanetRisk Inc, Bethesda, US.
20+ years of industry exp. with Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital etc.

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Mr. Aditya Biswas

B. Tech. (Mechanical) & M. Tech (Industrial Engg. & OR) IIT, Kharagpur.
Ex-Principal Consultant in TCS, Head of IT in Allahabad Bank.
Specialized in Process Optimization, R & D and Management Consulting.
30+ yrs of industry exp.

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Gautam Mukherjee

B.Tech (Electronics & Comm) IIT Kharagpur, M.Tech (Electrical Engg) IIT Madras.
30+ Years of experience in R&D in IT, Telecom. Ex Scientist at DRDO

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Somnath Sinha

B.Tech. (Electrical Engg), IIT Bombay.
PGDM, IIM Calcutta.
20+ yrs with IBM as IT Services Leader, CIO, HR Director &s Director, Integrated Operations.
Partnered with Accenture, IBM, PwC, KPMG, E&Y, etc.
30+ years of industry exp.

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Prof. B. B. Chakrabarti

Ph.D. in Economics, Gold Medalist PGDM, IIM Calcutta.
Gold Medalist - BE, Jadavpur Univ.
20+ yrs as a Renowned Prof of Finance at IIM Calcutta.
24+ years of Industry experience with United Nations, Deustche Bank etc.

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