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Sputnik Consulting is a Malaysia-based organization in the field of Global Enterprise Business, Global Talent Management, and Global Consumer Engagement.

Sputnik Consulting harnesses its thorough understanding of consulting, emerging technologies, business processes, and outsourcing to help clients perform at optimum “effective enterprise” levels. It creates sustainable value for their customers and stakeholders.

As part of its talent management practice, Sputnik Consulting provides clients with high-quality human resource solutions at lower costs and bringing forth quicker results. This comes through a world-class team with specialized expertise across industries and technological skills.

Sputnik Consulting also helps brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations happening around them, real-time, across all social media platforms.

Sputnik Consumer Engagement also runs effective content marketing and social-media programmes to help businesses develop significant Internet footprints.

NIIT is a market-leading learning outsourcing company that provides managed training services, including custom content development & curriculum design, learning administration, learning delivery, strategic sourcing, and learning technology.

Global IDs has built one of the most scalable, flexible, adaptive software suites that can meet the needs of the world's largest organizations.

Global IDs is empowering some of the most complex enterprises by integrating and organizing the information to create a holistic understanding of the enterprise data ecosystem.

For 15 years, Global IDs has been providing data management software products to some of the largest retail, financial, telecom, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in the world.

With a growing global presence, Global IDs is expanding to multiple regions around the world, and aims to serve the majority of Global 2000 customers in the near future.

CyberLozix Technologies is a software engineering enterprise with strong focus on research, design and development in processing and analytics of signal and media (image, video, speech and text).
The company has strong expertise in machine learning, pattern recognition, real-time dynamical systems and information retrieval and filtering systems.
CyberLozix offers high-quality, tailored training and consultancy services for clients in government, industry, academia and standards organizations, and harnesses the power of complex analytics to support business critical decisions.

The Strategy Academy provides smart learning solutions to help individuals acquire business & management skills in specializations that most other business schools do not offer.
The Strategy Academy also offers tailored programmes to business organizations to build strategic, leadership & managerial capabilities of management staff.
The Strategy Academy helps create leaders who are capable of developing & executing the right strategies for expansion & growth of their organization.

Jadavpur University is a premier educational institution of global repute.
Spanning across diverse disciplines of Engineering, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts, Jadavpur University has state-of-the-art educational and research & development facilities.
Jadavpur University has produced generations of the brightest minds in the country.

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