Base SAS Programming
Pick up essential skills in SAS – the world’s leading analytics software . Get exam-ready for SAS’s Base Programmer certification

8 Weeks programme

Contact hours: 28 hours

  • Conceptual Learning
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Projects/ Assignments
  • Case studies/ Use cases
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Programme Objectives
SAS is the leading analytical and statistical software deployed across the globe and across industries & business functions. SAS provides a range of custom-made products for industry verticals and business horizontals. From business intelligence to analytics, from business forecasting to text mining, from banks to pharmaceutical companies – SAS product suites cater to all. The “Base SAS Programming: SAS Certification enabler” programme aims to make participants proficient in the Base SAS environment. The programme introduces participants to the SAS environment and the world of SAS programming. Starting with reading the data and going all the way to auditing the data, this programme imparts strong skills to perform data management, data manipulation, data transformation, data summarization, and report generation using Base SAS. For participants across the board, the programme offers a structured learning approach & framework to prepare oneself for the SAS Global Certification programme, in particular, the “SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 Credential” certification.
Who should go for the Programme?
The “Base SAS Programming: SAS Certification enabler” programme has been designed & developed to cater to the requirements of students, researchers, and professionals across industries (retail, banking, technology, telecommunications, media, airlines, automotive, manufacturing, etc) as well as across business functions (marketing, finance, operations, supply chains, human resources, etc). The programme offers substantial value to all participants aspiring to carve out a career for themselves in the high-demand & rapidly-growing Analytics industry, where SAS is an extremely well-entrenched tool. 
Professionals in the traditional IT/ITES industry, where applications of SAS are getting very popular, would also benefit from the programme. For UG/PG students looking for an entry into the Analytics industry, the programme offers an opportunity to rapidly upskill oneself in the highly-prized Base SAS skillset, thereby scoring a significant edge over their competition.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain knowledge of & expertize in various aspects of the Base SAS environment
  • Learn the functionalities of various SAS Procedures and SAS Statements
  • Develop expertise in creating, merging, splitting, and sorting SAS datasets
  • Acquire proficiency in data management, data manipulation, data transformation, data summarization, and report generation using Base SAS
  • Understand the various features available in different SAS software and the various SAS packages

Learning Mode

Curriculum Overview

A brief history of SAS
A comparative view of SAS vis-à-vis SPSS, R, etc
SAS GUI versus SAS Program
SAS Procedures and SAS Statements
SAS Software – a quick glance
SAS Packages – an overview
SAS Stat, SAS Macro, SAS Forecast, SAS OR, etc
SAS Datasets
Defining a SAS Library
The DATA Statement
Variables & Attributes
Creating SAS Datasets
Importing/ Exporting SAS Datasets
Column/ Line pointer controls
Reading non-standard data with SAS
FORMATTED inputs and LIST inputs
The INFILE Statement and its options
The CONTENTS Procedure
Sorting datasets
Merging/ Splitting datasets
Processing datasets using DO LOOPS
Processing data using one-dimensional SAS arrays
Conditional execution of SAS statements
Data manipulations with numeric values
Data manipulations with date values
Data manipulations with character values
Data type conversions in SAS
Cleaning datasets
Validating datasets
The MEANS Procedure
The UNIVARIATE Procedure
The SUMMARY Procedure
The PRINT Procedure
The FREQ Procedure
The REPORT Procedure
Titles & Footnotes
System reporting in SAS
ODS statements

Are there any Learning Pre-requisites?

There are no specific learning pre-requisites for the programme. The programme expects NEITHER a strong knowledge of Statistics NOR an advance knowledge of computer programming knowledge, in advance.
Effectiveness of learning through the programme would be enhanced if participants possess good logical & analytical reasoning skills, apart from a basic familiarity with broad computer programming concepts like variables, operators, if-then-else conditions, loops, etc.


Base SAS Programming

MEET Our Consultants & Faculty

Mr. Goutam Das

Ph.D. in Foreign Direct Investment (submitted), IIFT Delhi.
M.Tech. (Computer Engg), IIT Kharagpur.
Alumnus of IIM Calcutta and ISI Delhi.
Ex-Global Analytics Head of TCS.
25+ years of experience across industry verticals.

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Dr Nidhan "Neal" Choudhuri

Ph.D. (Statistics), Michigan State University.
B. Stats. & M. Stats., Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.
Ex-Chief Scientist & Founder, PlanetRisk Inc, Bethesda, US.
20+ years of industry exp. with Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital etc.

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Dr. Saswati Bhattacharyya

Ph.D. and M. Stat. from ISI Calcutta.
22 + years of exp. in IT, Statistical Analysis and Data Science.
Specialized in Image Processing, Logistic optimization of Vehicle using GPS data tracking.
Expertise in Optimal Media (TV Ad) assignment.

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Mr. Aditya Biswas

B. Tech. (Mechanical) & M. Tech (Industrial Engg. & OR) IIT, Kharagpur.
Ex-Principal Consultant in TCS, Head of IT in Allahabad Bank.
Specialized in Process Optimization, R & D and Management Consulting.
30+ yrs of industry exp.

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Amrita Saha

M.Sc. Economics, Calcutta Univ.
8+ yrs of research and industrial exp. in Business Analysis, Business Forecasting, Statistical & adv. Econometrics.
Extensive hands-on exp. in Python, R, Rattle, WEKA, Tableau, QlikView, Power BI etc.

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Somnath Sinha

B.Tech. (Electrical Engg), IIT Bombay.
PGDM, IIM Calcutta.
20+ yrs with IBM as IT Services Leader, CIO, HR Director &s Director, Integrated Operations.
Partnered with Accenture, IBM, PwC, KPMG, E&Y, etc.
30+ years of industry exp.

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Prof. B. B. Chakrabarti

Ph.D. in Economics, Gold Medalist PGDM, IIM Calcutta.
Gold Medalist - BE, Jadavpur Univ.
20+ yrs as a Renowned Prof of Finance at IIM Calcutta.
24+ years of Industry experience with United Nations, Deustche Bank etc.

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Dr. Sunanda Roy

Ph.D. (Materials Science & Engg), Singapore- MIT.
M. Tech. Materials Science & Engg, IIT Kharagpur.
International Research Reviewer of Royal Society of London, Elsevier Amsterdam.
12+ yrs of exp. in Research & Academics.

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