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Glean Actionable Insights from Your Data
Innovative Solutions to Address Business Challenges and Tap New Opportunities

insAnalytics provides management consulting to domestic & global clientele across industries and business functions, leveraging our expertize in business analytics and big data analytics to solve high-end business problems prevalent in today's rapidly-evolving industry landscape.

Through our flexible consulting engagement models and cutting-edge cross-functional skills, we facilitate our clients in breaking new ground in envisaging new markets for their products & services, conceptualize product designs, streamline manufacturing processes, optimize organizational performance, achieve customer delight, and extract high-quality performance from their workforce.

We offer a comprehensive PlayBook of management consulting and business analytics solutions for our clientele across industry verticals – Banking, Insurance, Retail, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Travel, and Hospitality.

Our versatile suite of solutions provide state-of-the-art business management approaches & solution frameworks that leverage our consultants' multi-decade cross-functional subject-matter expertize in the areas of Management Consulting, Balanced Scorecard implementation, Lean & Six-Sigma implementation, Operations Research, Business Optimization, and Industrial Automation, together with the requisite IT solution frameworks.

We provide expertize in design, development and implementation of versatile business consulting solutions, leveraging our expertize in advanced Mathematical, Statistical and Econometric modelling of real-time business phenomena as an enabler.

We specialize in innovative applications of Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Big Data Analytics, Business Forecasting, Time-Series Modelling, Predictive Modelling, Business Intelligence, and Visual Analytics to drive business excellence for our clientele.

Our solutions assist global clientele to create & tap new markets, launch new products & services, identify new customer segments, gauge & enhance customer perceptions of their brands, forecast demand, monitor & control costs, and evaluate organizational performance, using data-driven consulting & analytics across business functions – Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Operations, Supply Chains, Human Resources, and Risk Management.

We deploy cost-effective technology-agnostic solutions in an innovative fashion to assist our clients in making informed & data-driven decisions to address key business challenges, gain competitive advantage, and tap new opportunities in ever-evolving business landscapes & ecosystems across industries.


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