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Web Analytics
Achieve competitive advantage through intelligent analysis of Click Stream and other web data

4 Weeks programme

Contact hours: 32 hours

  • Conceptual Learning
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Projects/ Assignments
  • Case studies/ Use cases
Programme Objectives
The “Web Analytics” programme is a niche programme designed to up-skill professionals, especially marketing professionals, who aspire to make a foray in the rapidly growing field of Digital Marketing. The programme has been designed to provide participants, and their businesses, the requisite proficiency to effectively exploit opportunities for business enhancement. The programme facilitates competency development in analysis of Click Stream data and other forms of web data, thereby providing a competitive advantage derived from intelligent, efficient and effective web data analysis.
Who should go for the Programme?
The “Web Analytics” programme has been designed & developed primarily for professionals aspiring to enter the emerging & growing area of Digital Marketing. Specific to marketing professionals, the programme would open up to them the specialized world of web data analysis, providing them with a competitive advantage.

Key Takeaways

  • Develop awareness of the various features of Web Analytics and related analytics tools & techniques
  • Understand & appreciate the various KPIs & terminologies prevalent in Web Analytics
  • Gather competency in analysis of Click Stream and other web data
  • Generate important & valuable insights into the behaviour of markets and website traffic
  • Achieve proficiency in effectively deploying Web Analytics to provide innovative solutions to business problems

Learning Mode

Curriculum Overview

Overview of Web Analytics
Introduction to Click Stream data
Web Analytics tools
Introduction to Google Analytics
Web Analytics techniques
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Visitor Acquisition Strength
Click Density Analysis
Visit to Purchase
Source of Traffic
Foundational Strategies
Internal Site-Search Analysis
Web Revenue Enhancement Analysis
Direct Traffic Analysis
Email Campaign Analysis
Web Survey Analytics
Web Content Analysis
Actionable Outcome KPIs
Moving Beyond Conversion Rates
Quantifying Economic Value
KPIs for non e-Commerce websites
Data Sources
Social Media Analytics
Web Traffic Analysis
Search & Keyword Analysis

Are there any Learning Pre-requisites?

There are no specific learning pre-requisites for the programme. Effectiveness of learning through the programme would be enhanced if participants possess good logical & analytical reasoning skills.

MEET Our Consultants & Faculty

Goutam Das

M. Tech. (Computer Engineering), IIT Kharagpur

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Dr Nidhan "Neal" Choudhuri

Ph.D. (Statistics), Michigan State University

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Dr Chiranjit Acharya

B.E., M.E., & Ph.D. (Computer Science), Jadavpur University

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Sangeet Pal

PGDM (MBA), IIM Ahmedabad

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Pravin Bhosale

B.E. (Mechanical Engineering), Shivaji University, Maharashtra

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Anirban Bhaduri

B.E. (Computer Science), IIEST Calcutta (e.k.a. Bengal Engineering & Science University)

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Shyam Karmakar

Chartered Statistician at The Royal Statistical Society, London

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Shamik Choudhury

M. Tech. (Computer Science), Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta

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